Char Richards, DM, DD, Certified Hypnotherapist



Char Richards, is a Doctor Of Motivation and Doctor Of Divinity, A Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP "Neuro Linguistics" Practitioner, Certified As A Relationship Life and Business Coach, Certified Deception Expert and Certified METT Expert, Certified Reiki Master



As Someone Who Has More Experience Than Most At Grooming People To Attain The Goals And Move Forward In The Direction They Seek Or More

I Can Assure You That You Will Understand And Be Glad You Asked Me To Come Aboard And Show You That The Very Ship You Operate Will Be Much Better And Much Easier To Guide In Your Area

I have helped people overcome things such as

*Walls up blocking you from moving forward

* Life Coaching

*Panic button worry

* Relationship Help

*Stress & Fears of being Happy

*Anchors holding you back

*Self Sabotage

*Anger to who you love & who loves you

*Motivation to get ahead & get your life back

*Mentally & Physically getting back into Shape

*Infidelity getting passed it & moving forward

*Improve your Sex life

*Self Worth improving how you feel everyday

* Stop Smoking

* Increase Sports Focus

* Stop Excessive Shopping

* Improve School Study Habits

* Teen Stress Relief

* Anger Control Development Tools

* Business Focus Improvement

* Help with How to Handle Money


Much more

Sometimes we just need a little push working together to get forward with our loved ones

Business Freshen Up with Positive Restructure

I also helped people in rebuilding their businesses when things slow down or get stale & need the outside view & help give the Fresh idea & new approach with new Motivation to bring them forward to succeed in today’s hard competitive world

Who to Hire

How to find new business

How to get new customers

Much More

If you need help in your Relationship or if you need to see where your business is not being productive, I can & will help you.

I have helped People from every walk of life from everyday People to Professional Sports Figures to Entertainers to Politicians, Doctors, and Lawyers to Small & Large Businesses

Programs Especially For You Reach Your Specific Goals Personally or Professionally in the most Efficient amount of time

Thousands of people have benefited over the years from my programs On TV, On Radio and In Person, with the experience and ability to developed a specific plan just for you

God Bless

Char Richards, DM,DD,CHT,NLP,CLC,DE

Char, Has Been Accepted As A Proud Member Of The American Alliance Of Hypnotist In Advanced Hypnotherapy 

Char, Has Also Been Accepted As Proud Member Of

The American Union Of NLP

As An NLP "Neuro Linguisticcs" Practitioner

Last Year Char, Was Also Accepted To The American Union Of NLP, As A Life Coach


NOT A Medical Doctor, For Medical And Mental Treatment Please See You Family Medical Doctor

"I Am Not A Medical Doctor"

ALWAYS For A Medical Condition Contact Your Family Doctor



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